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Monday, March 12, 2007

perpetual traveller...

to all the loungers on one-way tickets, and those that are trying to work out if they are going to use their return...

I liked this phrase from the upcoming exhibition at Artspace.

Having returned home to Japan after years of living abroad, Hiroharu Mori often confesses to feeling like a stranger in his native country without ever really having adjusted to being anywhere else. He is the perpetual traveller, through life as much as the world, rootless and detached, but with a keen critical eye, a marked sense of economy and a healthy taste for the absurd...

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Tanja Milbourne said...

this is a wonderfull quote, speaking straight to my heart!

in MY world, the association of HOME, changed every few years.

It is often the establishing question of a conversation: "where are you from?"

It is so much part of our identity, that the lack thereof (which includes a cultural heritage), poses social hurdles.
It is difficult to fit in.

sociologists would term me a TCK, but i prefer Global Nomad personally.

here is a bit more on that for anyone interested: