The transit lounge is the archetypal transit space, the point where the hyper-global + hyper-local coincide; a location which blurs traditional conceptions of geo-political boundaries, creating pockets of international space within the borders of individual nation-states. An in-between space, it exists relative to a fixed departure and arrival point, not to the area that surrounds it.

The Transit Lounge is a series of overlapping residencies for Australian and German artists and architects in Berlin. It is also a blog where themes relating to the project will develop, collaborations will be initiated and sustained, and observations on the city collected. The Transit Lounge invites you to participate in these transnational conversations by commenting on the blog.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

feet up in the lounge?

After a bit of a warm-up on the winter chill in Japan, a few weeks in Sydney's not-so-summer paves the way for a return to doonas and beanies in Berlin. Got some new sounds from the back of beyond and a yen for collaborating 'round the Transmediale melee and through February's return to the great indoors. Das Kleine Fieldrecording festival should be a hoot and some abstract sound action for the month in the Lounge should rattle the rafters a little.
Was good to get the low-down and put some faces to the virtual identities at the meet-up in Newtown last night and looking forward to discovering the Berlin contingent's ideas.
More words presently when I'm not in a room full of adolescent network wargamers letting one another's avatar-blood. $%@# internet cafes....

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